Aril Estate – Californian Queen (Black) 500g


Aril Estate – Californian Queen (Black) 500g

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Assorted olives can vary with size according to the season. They have a very mild but sweet olive taste. Very popular with people that don’t like the olive taste.

All Aril Estate table olive varieties are grown and processed in the Mudgee region of NSW, Australia. The natural Greek-style fermentation process preserves olives in brine to enhance the unique flavours inherent to that varietal.

Serving size 100g
Quantity per 100 g
Energy 280kJ
Protein 0.7g
Fat, total 4.7g (green) , 5.3g (Turning colour)
Saturated 0.7g (green) , 0.8g (Turning colour)
Carbohydrate, total 5g (green) , 4g (Turning colour)
Sugars <1g
Sodium 1800mg (green) , 1600mg (Turning colour)
Ingredients table olive, water, salt
All quantities above are averages.

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Weight .813 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 15 cm

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