Burnbrae Wines – 548 Lager (6 x 330mL)


Burnbrae Wines – 548 Lager (6 x 330mL)

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Burnbrae’s own recipe. A craft lager, with no preservatives or additives and 3.5% alcohol. This beer exhibits tones of awesomeness, freshly cut amazingness, specifically brewed for hard-working, good-looking people.

Brewed with Australian Pilsner malt as the base comes from Tamworth NSW, complimented with a small amount of German speciality malts for body colour enhancement.
It’s brewed with a classic German lager yeast strain that produces a very clean bright lager
We use US Willamette hops exclusively in our recipe – typically produce floral spice characters rather than being fruity character. Do majority of hop addition as a late addition which provides more aroma flavour contribution than if they are added earlier as primary bittering additions
Water treatment, yeast strain fermentation profile are all in line with typical crisp clean lager styles

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