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Spencer Cocoa - White Chocolate 100g

Spencer Cocoa - White Chocolate 100g

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Spencer Cocoa Chocolate begins life as cocoa beans, grown in a village on the west-coast of the island of Malekula (pronounced mal-e-kOOla), in Vanuatu. They buy the beans directly from 2-3 families, visiting twice per year when the cocoa trees are being harvested. Their micro-factory in Mudgee, a thriving town located in Central West NSW, produces small-batches of single origin chocolate from these beans, using a simple process of roasting, grinding and tempering.

Spencer Cocoa doesn't use any nuts or soy lecithin in their factory.

This bar of chocolate is made using the wonderfully aromatic, natural cocoa butter pressed from Bougainville beans. We've been visiting these growers for several years now as part of the Annual Bougainville Chocolate Festival. This bar represents the hard work of the cocoa growers... plus a little bit of chocolate-making magic here in Mudgee.

Ingredients: Bougainville cocoa butter, Bundaberg raw sugar, Australian full cream milk powder
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